Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Tayo Ayeni C.E.O - Skymit Motors

In the comity of auto dealers in Nigeria and beyond, Tayo Ayeni, the chairman/chief executive officer of Skymit Limited stands out; not because of a towering physique or rich parentage, but because Ayeni and his automobile company have come a long way in an industry known for stillborns and short trajectories.
At an age when his peers were still undecided as to which course their life was going, Ayeni had already started his, establishing Skymit Limited, a high net-worth automobile company in 1986. He was in his early 20s. Over two decades after, the company has grown beyond the starry-eyed projections of the founder, spewing an offshoot like Affordable Cars Limited, a low and medium car sales and service outfit, while establishing Ayeni as one of those rare Nigerians who envision rose growing out of concrete and nurtured and watered the vision until it blooms for the world to see. Today, Skymit Limited turns over in excess of N2billion yearly and keeps hundreds of Nigerians comfortably out of the labour market.
A product of the famous Ilesha Grammar School in his native Ilesha, Osun State, Tayo Ayeni's educational odyssey propelled him to Fronsynly Polytechnic, Italy where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Since then, he has channeled all his talents and resources into making a name for himself in business. Apart from Skymit, Ayeni also calls the shots at Space Ventures Ltd which is into photographic materials; Space Properties, a real estate firm; Moontrends Holdings, a project financing and management firm, and Limoserve among others. A member of the Nigerian-Italian Alumni, Nigeria-South Africa Chambers of Commerce, Ikoyi Club, Lagos Country Club, the 47-year-old businessman is not one to traipse the whole place with bundles of cash, having his praises sung by musicians or living life on the fast lane. Instead, Tayo Ayeni has remained true to character, upholding the ideal that success is better defined by one's contributions to the development of humanity which explains his far-reaching philanthropic activities across the country.
Happily married to Adetutu, pioneer Managing Director of Skymiles Travels and Tours Limited, a member of the advisory Council of the prestigious Grange School and successful lawyer, the couple is blessed with five kids and a domestic felicity that Tayo Ayeni's business successes have found unassailable.

Incorporated in 1986, Skymit Motors Limited is one the leading automobile company. They became fully operational 1987 and over the years Skymit Limited has grown from leaps and bounds judging from its yearly average gross sales of approximately N2 Billion last year.
Skymit Limited prides itself as one of the leading auto companies in Nigeria. The entry of the company into the automobile industry is to cater for the needs of a selected group of Nigeria's corporate organizations and high-net worth individuals who are in dire need of corporate, sleek but durable cars at affordable prices, packaged and tailored towards their financial status and personality.
Skymit mission is to bridge the gap whereby all ranges of the latest model of cars are displayed within few weeks that the cars are released into the market, all in one premises; unlike in the case of many other auto companies where only fewer and outdated models/brands are displayed, thereby limiting prospective buyers to fewer choices.
Skymit intends to be a leader in the auto-world in Nigeria by striving to improve upon its affiliated branch network and in the next few years open an Assembly Plant for a major car model.

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  1. Congrats,Tayo Ayeni. You've so well for your self